Thies Claussen

Agricultural engineer, quality manager and freelance consultant to the international fruit industry. Rely on a strong partner to optimize processes and solve technical challenges


Requirements of the retail regarding environmental-, social- and agricultural aspects. Legal rules regarding organic and Fair Trade certificarions. Food Safety to be considered as general task. (accreditation as auditor for FSSC / ISO22000).

Agrochemicals – its applications and consequences.

The residue situation and its implications with the private standards of the european retail. Toxicolgical references under consideration of ADI and ARfD values. Handling of residue cases, statements and crises management. Monitoring of legal changes.

Cold Chain and Ripening of fruit

Influence of harvest and cooling history into ripening characteristics. Reefer container and vessels, Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Modified Atmosphere (MA) – use of special packaging material.

Why me?

More than 25 years experience within the Fruit-Trade, from production to retail. No language or cultural barriers as most of the relevant countries of fruit production speak English, Spanish or Afrikaans of which I speak all three. I have worked mostly with fruit like bananas, pineapple, citrus, mangoes, table grapes, stone fruit, apples and pears. I am used to working under massive time pressure. Experience in Project-Management within interdisciplinary teams (as a team member or team leader) and also independently with responsibility for given tasks. Projects include field, packhouses, transport of produce via Distribution and Ripening-Centers, up to the retail shelf (traceability).

Thies Claussen

Born in 1970, married, 2 grown up sons. Experienced farmer through practical apprenticeships,
graduated as an Agricultural Engineer in International Trade at the University for Applied Science
Rheinland-Pfalz. Employee in big multinational companies with American and French influences as well as in small Fruit-Trade companies. Plenty of business trips worldwide (over 55 countries),
including living abroad for long periods of time to manage projects (South Africa, Chile, Belgium). Knowledgeable about usage of agrochemicals in the field and its analytical consequences in a residue laboratory.


Various languages, verbal and written. Cultural experiences by living abroad and extensive international travels, including auditing along the supply chain.

Fruit Consulting

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